How To Write And Compare And Contrast Essay

How To Write And Compare And Contrast Essay-6
The text structure of compare and contrast is so critical to literacy that it is referenced in several of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards in both reading and writing for K-12 grade levels.

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NOTE: The advice offered here covers the bare minimums in an attempt to help those who are running short on time or unsure of how to get started.

Wherever information here conflicts with information provided by your instructor, follow what your instructor says.

Compare and contrast is high on Bloom's Taxonomy of critical reasoning and is associated with a complexity level where students break down ideas into simpler parts in order to see how the parts relate.

For example, in order to break down ideas for comparison or to contrast in an essay, students may need to categorize, classify, dissect, differentiate, distinguish, list, and simplify.

The point of a comparison or contrast essay to evaluate the similarities or differences of two things.

The most difficult part of a compare/contrast essay is its organization.The thesis statement must include the two topics that will be compared and contrasted.The body paragraph(s) after the introduction describe characteristic(s) of the first subject.Before you start a writing process, you brainstorm your topic and find some outstanding characteristics of two objects.Those things have to be contrasting enough to be compared.This guide will walk you through the steps of getting started and organizing your essay just the information you need to complete the assignment.For more in-depth information, consult your instructor and course materials.The thesis statement for this format must also include the two topics that will be compared and contrasted.In the point by point format, the students can compare and/or contrast the subjects using the same characteristics within each body paragraph.The compare and contrast essay is the common kind of academic assignments with its unique peculiarities.Even if you are great with the spot comparisons, learn more about essay’s structure and requirements before set to writing.


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