How To Solve Java Problems

How To Solve Java Problems-58
This time you need to check if given Integer is palindrome or not.An integer is called palindrome if its equal to its reverse e.g.

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Once you gone through these questions, you can handle a good number of questions on real Job interviews. Fibonacci series (solution) Write a simple Java program which will print Fibonacci series e.g. The interviewer may ask you to solve without using any library method e.g.

index Of() or sub String() so be prepared for that. Integer Palindrome (solution) This is generally asked as follow-up or alternative of the previous program.

In this list, I am going to share 50 of such small programs from Java Programming interviews. String Palindrome (solution) You need to write a simple Java program to check if a given String is palindrome or not.

These programs are from various Data Structure and Algorithm topics e.g. If you don't have a good knowledge of Data structure and algorithm, I suggest you to first read a good book on Data Structure and Algorithms like Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. But, If you find the book difficult, you can also join a comprehensive online course on Data structure and algorithms like Data Structures and Algorithms: Deep Dive Using Java on Udemy to learn better and easier. A Palindrome is a String which is equal to the reverse of itself e.g.

You can write a recursive or iterative solution, whichever you like.

You also need to explain the time and space complexity for the best, worst, and average case.

popular data structures like an array, linked list, binary tree, binary search tree, string etc, popular algorithms e.g.

sieve of the Eratosthenes algorithm for generating primes, the Euclidean algorithm for calculating LCM and GCF, Fibonacci sequence, printing patterns and so on.

You need to write code in such a way that no deadlock should occur. A string is said to be an anagram if it contains same characters and same length but in different order e.g. You can ignore cases for this problem but you should clarify that from your interview. Design a Vending Machine (solution) This one of the popular OOAD (object oriented analysis and design) question from Java Interviews. You can use iteration and recursion to solve this problem but you should reverse linked list in place. Find the length of linked list (solution) Just write a program in Java to find the length of a singly linked list in one pass i.e. Sometimes a linked list get corrupt and two nodes point to the same node, which forms the loop or cycle in the linked list. Find the start of loop in linked list (solution) 43. Find the 3rd element from the tail linked list (solution) You need to write a program to find the 3rd element from the tail of a singly linked list.

The trick to solving this problem is acquiring resources in an order and release them in reverse order e.g. Factorial (solution) This is one of the simplest programs you can expect on interviews. You will be given 3 hours to design and code a vending machine satisfying some of the business requirements. You need to solve this problem without iterating twice.


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