How To Solve Family Problems

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But the data shows that after five years of cohabiting, only a third of these parents remain together.Most cohabiting couples separate, find new partners, and have other children.But left-wing critics blasted the report for “blaming the victim” and for emphasizing the importance of family structure. In the 1960s, when births to unmarried mothers were far fewer, those who suffered were mostly African-Americans and poor people.

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Back during President Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” it was well known that African-American families were struggling with these financial, educational and employment issues.By 2014, that number had more than tripled at 29 percent.That’s a big change, and it’s not just a problem for the poor and uneducated.The availability of government intervention has continued to increase, but the social and economic health of individuals continues to decrease.The reason these two trend lines don’t match up is because individual well-being doesn’t correlate to government financial intervention—it correlates to moral well-being.The report even questioned whether government employment programs for African-Americans actually worsened their situations because black women were able to take advantage of the job opportunities more than black men.From a financial standpoint, the increased income in these households should have equated to increased social and economic status.These numerous problems are then very likely to pass on to the next generation and the next.Women who have children outside of marriage are more likely to have lower incomes and lower education levels and more likely to depend on welfare assistance compared with married mothers.Even goals like obtaining a better education are often ultimately aimed at earning more income.The government of the United States is especially prone to combat national problems by spending more money on them. In 2015, that figure had multiplied to 40.3 percent.


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