How To Develop Creative Writing Skills

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But an MFA in creative writing is not for everyone.I've never seriously considered it: I have three young children and can afford neither the time away from home nor the tuition.

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A recent newspaper article posed this question to several established authors.

Responses varied—yes, no, maybe—but all authors maintain that creative writing technique can be developed or enhanced, if not instilled in toto.

Your writing supplies should consist of a notebook, pens, white outs, highlighters, and post-it notes.

The post-it notes are for short ideas that you thought of when you started writing your book.

For example, you could have a student who has special needs and a teacher who has a compassionate heart for the student and wants to help him or her.

Another idea that you could use with teachers and students might be a teacher who wants to teach her students about creative writing, so she develops creative activities for them.

You need a desk that is large enough for your computer and accessories, and you need room to print off your manuscripts.

Besides a desk for your computer, you need another table where you can have letter trays handy, so you can store printer paper or other types of paper you will use for your writing.

However, you need to have a small notebook or 3 x 5 index cards that you can carry with you, so you can write down any ideas that come to you.

By collecting ideas when they come to you, you will have something to refer to later when you’re ready to write a story.


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