How To Critique Creative Writing

Typically, the introduction is short (less than 10% of the word length) and you should: Briefly summarise the main points and objectively describe how the creator portrays these by using techniques, styles, media, characters or symbols.

This summary should not be the focus of the critique and is usually shorter than the critical evaluation.

Kimberly Coyle is a freelance writer with an MFA in Creative Writing.

She has written for various online publications such as For Her, (in)courage, and In Touch Ministries, as well as In Touch Magazine.

This section should give a systematic and detailed assessment of the different elements of the work, evaluating how well the creator was able to achieve the purpose through these.

For example: you would assess the plot structure, characterisation and setting of a novel; an assessment of a painting would look at composition, brush strokes, colour and light; a critique of a research project would look at subject selection, design of the experiment, analysis of data and conclusions.You should always check your unit materials or blackboard site for guidance from your lecturer.The following template, which showcases the main features of a critique, is provided as one example.A critique is slightly different than a traditional 5-paragraph theme, as it is usually focused on the overall effectiveness and usefulness of the work it is critiquing, rather than making a strictly analytical argument about it.Organizing your critique into 5 paragraphs can help you structure your thoughts.For shorter critiques, you may discuss the strengths of the works, and then the weaknesses.In longer critiques, you may wish to discuss the positive and negative of each key critical question in individual paragraphs.Writing is a solitary occupation, but our work becomes stronger when we include others in the editing process.We need the writers who have gone before us and the writers who work alongside us to propel our work forward.To support the evaluation, provide evidence from the work itself, such as a quote or example, and you should also cite evidence from related sources.Explain how this evidence supports your evaluation of the work.


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