How Important Is Good Grammar In A Written Document Essay

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Writing is a complex activity and can be challenging to many students.

An authoritative person’s writing wouldn’t be dismissed just because their sentence structure does not have the correct noun, verb, adjective being used correctly. Although they expressed some sympathy for his position, they also talked about credibility and how attention to the rules of language encourages clarity in thought and expression. S.-related accounts holding more than billion.” (Paula wrote: “I grabbed my trusty Oxford dictionary and there it was as a secondary definition of secrete: ‘conceal, put into hiding.’ I’m used to people who think they’re smarter than everyone else and often show their ignorance by not verifying their facts before blasting others.

One student pointed out that my reader’s argument might have been more convincing if it had been better written. But for you to join in the bashing on this common of a word was troubling.”) 10.

While many students may be able to speak the language but not construct grammatically correct sentences while writing; it is thus essential for teachers to bridge this gap and helps students apply basic grammar rules while constructing sentences.

Research indicates that not all grammatical rules are applicable while writing, therefore the teacher needs to guide students regarding the right application of only those aspects of grammar that is relevant to writing.


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