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(You will still get lazy even though you now live in Europe.) Some days, you might not want to do anything at all but sleep.Many days, you will be too hungover to even think about functioning. Reality: Most locals don't speak English, so you will have to learn to communicate in other ways.

However, this isn’t as easy-squeezy as getting across NJ to NY state lines by taking the GW Bridge.

Just take the stairs on the way back to your flat to make up for it! Almost all local shops, restaurants and banks will be closed during this period of time.

If you don’t think this is a big deal, try having a class that ends at pm, and you have hundreds of dollars in travelers checks to cash, and siesta starts at 2.

Studying abroad is an unreal experience that only those who participate can truly understand.

As I reflect on my time abroad, I also look back and laugh at some of the biggest delusions I had before I embarked on the trip.


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