Homework Hassles

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Spelling words, historical facts, geography, etc., can be reviewed in the car when driving to a store.

It's a great idea to use words or facts that the child has already been tested on to demonstrate how material can be forgotten unless it is reviewed.

This technique is especially helpful for students who take comprehensive exams at the end of a quarter.

Your children will eventually discipline themselves to do homework if you value such discipline. Do the kids see you postponing necessary work and wasting time?

" "You told me you finished your math last night," Mom said. (Note: Children watch between three and four hours of TV per day.

Thus, a fifth-grader might average nearly an hour a day of homework while an eighth-grader may average ninety minutes or more.If it's an aggravation for you, then your child will be less likely to enjoy it or less likely to ask for help when needed. If I am busy, I'll quickly stop what I'm doing and answer your questions." Show by your actions that homework issues are very important to you as a parent. Good." Ask what the homework was and then check it over. It's an opportunity to catch mistakes or praise good effort. Catching up on homework at the last minute is sometimes inevitable but should occur very infrequently."Why didn't you tell me you had a science project due on Monday?He had five minutes to finish before his bus arrived. Unless you know what the homework assignments are and when they are due, you cannot help your child organize his time. Something is wrong.) Children often try to do other things while studying, such as watch television or talk on the phone. " Helping your child to develop proper study skills will save you and him lots of needless aggravation. " "You should have thought of that last night when-" "Mom, you're not helping me!Watch out, Junie B., there's a new kid on the block!It's Freddy Thresher, a 1st grader who knows it's a jungle out there.At least they need to believe that solid effort will most often yield solid results. "You came right home from school and immediately went to your desk to do homework. I noticed that you reviewed your chapter when you didn't know how to answer the homework problem.That was a smart idea, too." "I can see that you tried to figure this problem out yourself before you asked me for help.


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