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It is very difficult for some people to make and keep work schedules even in the disciplined setting of an employer's office.At home, as your own boss, the problem can be much greater To determine how much time you can devote to your business, begin by drafting a weekly task timetable listing all current and potential responsibilities and the blocks of time required for each.

You know how you will serve your market and with what.

If not, but you are determined to establish a home based source of income, then you need to decide exactly what business you will enter.

Many people have good business ideas but not everyone has what it takes to succeed.

If you are convinced that a profitable home business is attainable, this guide will provide step by step guidance in development of the basic written business plan.

During the first year of operation, continue to chart, post and checkoff tasks on a daily weekly, monthly basis.

Distractions and excuses for procrastination abound. It is important to keep both a planning and an operating log.These tools will help avoid oversights and provide vital information when memory fails.To improve the quality of home work time, consider installation of a separate telephone line for the business and attach an answering machine to take messages when you do not wish to be distracted or are away from home.When and how can business responsibilities be added without undue physical or mental stress on you and your family?Potential conflicts must be faced and resolved at the outset and as they occur Otherwise, your business can become a nightmare.The Entrepreneurial Personality A variety of experts have documented research that indicates that successful small business entrepreneurs, whether male or female, have some common characteristics. On this checklist, write a "Y" if you believe the statement describes you; an "N" if it doesn't; and a "U" if you can't decide: _____ I have a strong desire to be my own boss._____ Win, lose or draw, I want to be master of my own financial destiny _____ I have significant specialized business ability based on both my education and my experience.Pros / Cons Lower startup costs / Isolation Lower fixed costs / Space limitations Tax benefits / Zoning Lifestyle flexibility / Security concerns No commuting / Household ____________ / interference ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ Note that changes in personal habits will be required.Examples: Ask family members to comment on pros and cons. Some facts and forms will be needed for your business plan. Other factors including how big can you get without moving ______ ______ The greater the difference between the totals of the two columns, the clearer your decision should be. write out what your decision and the reasons that support it.Many proprietors who sense entrepreneurial deficiencies seek extra training and support their limitations with help from a skilled team of business advisors such as accountants, bankers and attorneys.Selecting A Home Based Work Business Perhaps you have already decided what your home based business will be.


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