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Point Deductions Topic Approval Plan Speech to Group Note Cards Speech to Jurisprudentially Aids Speech to Group Outline Self-Review J Order Thesis: Not only do uniforms help the parents get them ready in the morning, but can also be safer for kids who might bring Items to school they shouldn’t. Uniforms are beneficial to the school as well as community. School work will get more focus than the clothes their peers wear. Feel equal to their peers because they are all dressed alike. People won’t Judge or bully each other based on their clothes. Teaches students the importance of school not what they wear. If you do, use our suggestions on how to write a brilliant persuasive essay on school uniforms.

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Strict clothing forms in schools are related to moral purity, whereas frivolous style is usually associated with rebellion and disrespect for school authorities.

The debate around the necessity for students to wear uniforms at school is not even close to its end.

The simple fact that everyone will be dressed in a uniform will reduce bullying at schools, which is often based on social differences.

The students who want to showcase their higher social status will find other ways to distinguish themselves from the lower classes.

In addition to suppression of individuality, there is another big problem with uniforms: low-income families are not able to afford them, especially when they have more than one children going to school.

Although uniforms are less expensive than most pieces at stores, these families usually get second-hand pieces and the yearly investment in these clothing sets will impose a great burden on their budget.

Proponents argue that the uniform will enhance the student’s feeling of belonging to a particular school, and it will reduce the differences between the students.

Such differences may lead to serious psychological consequences for the ones who feel inferior, as well as for those who earn superior positions because they wear more expensive clothes.

If school and governments find a way to give uniforms for free, the greatest disadvantage of this issue will be solved.

All children will be able to get high-quality clothes, and the students who come from low-income families will not feel inferior for wearing the same pieces every day.


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