Harriet Tubman Essay Outline

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[tags: discrimination, slavery, harriet tubman] - Biography of Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 on a large plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland. She was born in a very small on-room log hut, that was located behind her families owners house.

The huthad a dirt floor, no windows, and no furniture. [tags: Biography Harriet Tubman] - Harriet Tubman was a history maker. [tags: aunt harriet, slavery, slave owners] - Numerous are mindful of the considerable deed that Harriet Tubman executed to free slaves in the south.

The railroad was operated by conductors, or people who helped the slaves escape.

When traveling on the railroad the conductors would have the slaves stay at stations. [tags: scape, slavery, african american] - One of the most amazing people ever to live was Harriet Tubman, because she so helpful to make what the country is today.

She makes it to the other side of the street then turns to wave them over, telling them to follow exactly what she did and they too would make it across safely.

The two little boys take a few steps just like their sister had done, looking both ways, but they are very scared....

[tags: slaves, antislavery, abolitionism] - Harriet Tubman is one of the most famous African Americans from the underground railroad.

Not only did Tubman escape from slavery, but she went back to help others escape.

As a child Harriet Tubman worked very hard due to her strength, she was trusted by her master often times she worked in the homes and the field.

When helping another slave she suffered from an incident when an overseer threw a heavy object at her.


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