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You might well have a broader overview at the start of the book, though, and a conclusion at the end.: What Do You Want to Achieve?

Chapter One: You Don’t Need to Feel Guilty About Wanting to Write Chapter Two: Setting (Sane) Writing Goals for the Year Chapter Three: What Are You Willing to Give Up, or Compromise On?

I figure out a sensible order for the key ones and this forms the start of my outline – often the chapter headings.

Good ways to order your ideas include: If your ebook is more like a directory of resources (e.g.

If you like, you can also start new mindmaps for each part or each chapter, to help you get ideas down.

If you’re stuck on a particular chapter, wondering what to include, you could: So if you’re a blogger, you should find this a natural and hopefully fairly easy way to structure your book.(In fact, it’s certainly not unheard of for bloggers to construct books that are, essentially, a series of blog posts.

Even if it seems ridiculously obvious to you that people All of these have different benefits, and some will suit different types of ideas – for instance, a free ebook for your email list is likely to be short and specific.

Decide up-front what sort of book you’re writing.: to help you with this, you might want to look at similar books and figure out roughly how long they are.

reviews of 100 books on writing), and you don’t want to imply any kind of “best” to “worst” ordering, then an alphabetical list can work well.

Perhaps you’re writing about a historical event or movement; often, it makes sense to order at least some of your chapters chronologically, starting with the earliest point in time and working forward to the latest point (which might be the present day).


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