Gelato Business Plan

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As the Managing Member of Slices Concession West, Evan is someone with a wealth of experience in both the operations of a gelato shop and the equipment required to run this type of business.

The goal of our conversation with Waldt is to give you a foundation on how to start your own gelato shop.

It’s normal for a location to be busier on weekends than weekdays, but it’s something you’ll want to be aware of and build into your Here are some of the four key qualities you should look for when on your search to find the right gelato shop. A lot of folks think you can just plug in a gelato machine anywhere and get to work. Commercial grade gelato machines require more electricity to operate. Inside a regular household you’ll usually find 220v power outlets.

As Waldt noted in the podcast interview, “You can have amazing product. But if your location doesn’t work it’s an uphill battle from the beginning.”Foot traffic… This is not a sufficient voltage for many machines.

When it comes to gelato, you want to be in a location with plenty of foot traffic.

That means you’ll want to start identifying areas and building a list of places that people congregate regularly within your city.

Figuring out What Works in Your Market As artisan gelato makers, you may be inclined to produce really interesting and outside the box flavors.

Avocado and watermelon basil flavors immediately come to mind when considering more creative options.

During the podcast, Waldt shares a key tip you can take to ensure a prospective location has sufficient traffic.

One of Waldt’s partners sat in front of a prospective storefront for two days to record the number of people that passed by.


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