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Priestley also subtly notes that Gerald’s mother, Lady Croft, disapproves of Gerald’s marrying Sheila for precisely this reason.

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Think about how the Inspector in particular has to do with this theme, and consider how the past actions of individual characters build the scenario of Eva’s death, the interrogations and judgments of the present, and the Inspector’s warning about the future. Does the news put a kind of bracket around the rest of the play that gives the whole episode with the Inspector a new meaning.

That tension is kept by making a statement and making the Birling’s finish off the story, telling him what has been going on.

explicitly deals with the nature of time in its final twist: has the play, we might wonder, simply gone back in time? How does the Inspector know of the “fire and blood and anguish,” usually interpreted as a foreshadowing of the First and Second World Wars?

The Inspector’s name, though explicitly spelled “Goole” in the play, is often interpreted through an alternative spelling: “ghoul.” The Inspector, it seems, is not a “real” Brumley police inspector, and Priestley provides no answer as to whether we should believe his claim that he has nothing to do with Eva Smith.

Mr Birling is always looking for a way he can improve his business. The year that the play was set, 1912, was a year that the class system was taken seriously.

And isn’t social responsibility really about each person’s responsibility to all others, rather than the one-sided class-based responsibility, drawing on old notions of a social elite, that would narrowly see the class issue as central to the play.There is, Priestley observes, such a thing as society, and he argues that it is important that people be aware of the effects of their actions on others.The Birlings, of course, initially do not think at all about how they might have affected Eva Smith, but they are forced to confront their likely responsibility over the course of the play.The resources will support text comprehension, exam practice and revision.Mr Birling, on the hand represents a working class individual that has worked extremely hard to climb up the social ladder.Though responsibility itself is a central theme of the play, the last act of the play provides a fascinating portrait of the way that people can let themselves off the hook.If one message of the play is that we must all care more thoroughly about the general welfare, it is clear that the message is not shared by all.While Arthur and Sybil refuse to accept responsibility for their actions toward Eva Smith (Arthur, in particular, is only concerned for his reputation and his potential knighthood), Eric and especially Sheila are shaken by the Inspector’s message and their role in Eva Smith’s suicide.The younger generation is taking more responsibility, perhaps because they are more emotional and idealistic, but perhaps because Priestley is suggesting a more communally responsible socialist future for Britain.B Priestley’s use of language, character, and setting for dramatic effect is used fantastically. An Inspector Calls: High band Answer – Paper, Section A (English Literature).Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.


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