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He eventually returns with a blind man from the village in a blue shirt.The man, it turns out, is the father who Kira thought was dead: Christopher.

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Annabella tells Kira that blue can be found "yonder" but that they don't have it here. − Now Katrina is dead of a mysterious illness, and Kira faces judgment from the Council of the Guardians, since her lame leg hinders self-sufficiency and makes her a burden to her society.

Instead, she will remain under the protection of the Guardians, and her only task will be to mend, main eventually further embellish the robe of the Singer, the individual who sings annually the history of her people.

Eventually, during the end of the book Matt tells Kira about a boy with blue eyes from the community Christopher is from.

He says he has blue eyes and is not injured in any way, and that Matt thinks Kira should get married with him, but Kira declines to go with them to the new village.

While the society she portrays is stifling and at times ugly, Lowry plants a seed of hope that may or may not flourish.

Certainly, a comparison to contemporary society could stimulative thought-provoking discussions among readers of all ages.

She realizes that his feet are chained, and he is essentially a prisoner.

The implication is that she and the others with Gifts are also prisoners.

Gathering Blue is the 2nd book in the Giver quartet. Kira is a girl with a twisted leg who lives in a more primitive society where people who cannot work die.

Her only friend is a boy named Matt, a one syllable boy.


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