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Three-year-old Nishant told his playschool teacher that he missed school the previous day because his mom burnt his milk. But ask his mom and she has no clue about anything burning anywhere! Teacher Sudha had lots to talk with Piyush’s mom the next day! My five-year-old woke up to throw hundreds of tantrums to not go to school. So much so that when Tina came up with this reason for having missed school the whole of last week, all she did was smile. Daksh doesn’t like school–doesn’t like his library bag either. Kailash is seven and knows that being a pirate is his true calling in life. His mom is unwell and his papa has asked him not to trouble her but take care of her. “We took him to a park on Sunday and he gave us this excuse to bunk school for the next four days until Thursday.

When I told him all boys and girls go to school, he came up with this stupendous response. Only, Tina’s parents know the earful that they got from the teacher! Abiraj, a two-and-a-half, had missed school ‘yesterday’ due to cough and cold. Gargi is a six-year-old prankster whose excuses are worthy of a book. Since that doesn’t need a school, he doesn’t want to go there anymore. Finally, we told him let’s not go to a park ever again so Friday morning he was cool to go to school! I wonder the issues this five-year-old has in his life.

In her full-of-excuses, storytelling world, her school is being painted. Five-year-old Smayan doesn’t understand why schools have to open in the first place! I wish he could predict that this excuse will not be helping him miss school that day or any day!

This one is an unbeatable one coming from six-year-old Aditya. Since Rashmi’s mom is such a stickler for cleaning and toils every morning to keep the kitchen spot free, the five-year-old thinks it’s better to help out at home than go to school.How to write good essay in upsc exam free dissertation downloads investment company business plan pdf problem solving strategies 6th grade math pdf essays about art painting assignment of loan documents essays on responsibility in college teacher homework pass argumentative essays on modern technology advanced art sketchbook assignments research paper revision strategies alabama live ho homework helper iep goals for problem solving skills assignment result 2018 nios free business plan design template stanford creative writing online enhanced webassign access examples of classification essays on love dissertation statement, monster house video essay good volleyball essays sociology of the family term paper topics advertising assignment worksheet essays about skeletal system fish farming business plan free download health care essay in tamil how to start a definition essay and a example.Best book on creative writing research paper on capital budgeting center housing assignment osu.Find some such really funny reasons mentioned in the following article.(Note: Make sure you keep this list away from your teachers or parents, as you never know what will happen if they find it.).While it was a dirty skirt on one day, it was a fake cough on another.I’m sure all of you have made excuses to bunk school at one time or another. He knows how much work is to be done during a week.Whatever the ‘issues’ may be, I’m sure Rahul’s mom will have them sorted out and Spiderman must have been spared the hard work! Since the painting excuse didn’t work with Jiya’s parents, she came up with this one almost without batting her eyelids. Looks like six-year-old Kartik’s teacher made him break bricks in school and now he needs a break from all that breaking!Jiya’s society building is being painted and to avoid the dust, her parents have temporarily moved to her grandma’s house. …and during very rainy days, on winter mornings, on days when the Sun is shining and on days when it’s not. I’m seven and I’m an expert at predicting the future which is why I also know that I’m going to pass school without attending it.Personally, I think you watch the show anyway, and give excuses for not doing homework the next day at school!There are so many such excuses, which kids use when they don't do their homework, and though the teacher can tell, they still use these. Some of them are very spontaneous, as they come right on the spur of the moment when the teacher demands an answer.


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