French Dissertation Topics

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It can be hard to hold a conversation with a native French speaker, or understand French books and movies completely, if you don’t have at least some grasp of culture and social issues.

If you’re an advanced student looking to deepen your knowledge of French language and culture, you’ve come to the right place We’ve assembled four of the most important French cultural traditions and events that you’ve got to know about.

Try the Francophone section of your local French language library for more ideas.

France kept the Collaboration with Germany as quiet as possible for some time, but starting with the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, it has been discussed more and more openly.

experience in North Africa — Camus was a Frenchman born and raised in Algeria.

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Modern Franco-Maghrebin relations are explored through the comedy of Jamel Debbouze and Mohamed Fellag, and you can also read about the Franco-Algerian experience through Algerian novels on the subject.The French term for the wide span of countries that speak French outside France is , a generalization that includes Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and former colonies.It is, however, this latter group with which the most strife continues to occur.Immigration is a difficult issue in France today, particularly because extreme instances of violence against the police have been ongoing within the poor immigrant and 2nd degree immigrant communities for several years.Hardline right wing politicians want to forbid immigration altogether, particularly from North African regions like Algeria, which was a French colony up until the 1960s when France withdrew from Algeria and it became an independent nation.To do so, aside from Internet research, you can try exploring some of the instances of Franco-colonial and immigration politics in the French media.To explore the history of France’s relations with Algeria, there are many different media to turn to.Thesis Part of what is often referred to as “le développement”, the thesis section outlines the body of the argument chosen for the topic of the dissertation.Antithesis Unlike the secondary support paragraph often found in an american essay, the anthesis section is dedicated to expressing the limits of one’s argument.In addition to structural differences, the content of the dissertation can oftentimes be different to that of an american essay.When you’ve mastered French grammar and are near fluency, what’s next? The cultural aspect is an enormous part of learning a foreign language — especially French.


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