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Your thesis sentence should provide your specific assertion and convey a clear point of view, which is typically divided into three distinct arguments that support this assertation, which will each serve as central themes for the body paragraphs.

To correctly write each of these three body paragraphs, you should state your supporting idea, your topic sentence, then back it up with two or three sentences of evidence.

Many are written as lists of rules about word choice, constructions to avoid, common stylistic traps, and other such things. How to use a comma and where to place one can be quite confusing at times.

One of these is The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. With Strunk and White’s chapter 1 on Elementary Rules of Usage, they go into detail with examples for writers to better understand the usage of commas.

One example they use to demonstrate this is “red, white, and blue” (Strunk an... An example of this would be : “Carefully read what you have written,” which can simply be replaced with the word, “edit” (Williams, 123).

This is one of the most tricky concepts of redundancy because there are no general rules to help you compress several words into one word or two. The introduction is the first paragraph in your essay, and it should accomplish a few specific goals: capture the reader's interest, introduce the topic, and make a claim or express an opinion in a thesis statement.It's a good idea to start your essay with a hook (fascinating statement) to pique the reader's interest, though this can also be accomplished by using descriptive words, an anecdote, an intriguing question, or an interesting fact.The five-paragraph essay is merely a starting point for students hoping to express their ideas in academic writing; there are some other forms and styles of writing that students should use to express their vocabulary in the written form. The five-paragraph essay is less aware of its audience and sets out only to present information, an account or a kind of story rather than explicitly to persuade the reader." Students should instead be asked to write other forms, such as journal entries, blog posts, reviews of goods or services, multi-paragraph research papers, and freeform expository writing around a central purportedly to give practice in basic writing skills that will lead to future success in more varied forms. Although five-paragraph essays are the golden rule when writing for standardized tests, experimentation with expression should be encouraged throughout primary schooling to bolster students' abilities to utilize the English language fully.Students can use the following steps to write a standard essay on any given topic.First, choose a topic, or ask your students to choose their topic, then allow them to form a basic five-paragraph by following these steps: Once a student can master these 10 simple steps, writing a basic five-paragraph essay will be a piece of cake, so long as the student does so correctly and includes enough supporting information in each paragraph that all relate to the same centralized main idea, the thesis of the essay.Later, though, students may decide to stray from the standard five-paragraph format and venture into writing an exploratory essay instead.Still, teaching students to organize essays into the five-paragraph format is an easy way to introduce them to writing literary criticism, which will be tested time and again throughout their primary, secondary, and further education.With the help of guides like Elements of Style, or books like Style Toward Clarity and Grace, one can begin to develop one. Although writing an essay is daunting for many people, it can be pretty straight-forward.


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