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Nearly a week after her remains were found, police came across two more bodies, both of them bound and dumped in the woods.

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But, since they’d gotten it without a warrant, the evidence was dismissed in court. Instead of drawing blood samples from his arm, the blood was taken from his fingertips.

The examiner also took hair samples and saliva swabs.

The body belonged to 16-year-old Leanne Tiernan, who had disappeared months earlier while walking home from a Christmas shopping trip with a friend.

The Weird: When Leanne’s body was discovered, she had a plastic bag around her head, which was held in place by a dog collar, a scarf, and a zip tie.

Zip ties also bound her wrists, and the rest of her body was wrapped in green trash bags and twine, then wrapped a second time in a floral duvet.

Police were able to track down the suppliers of the dog collar and found a man who had bought several dog collars similar to the one found around Leanne’s neck.The Weird: After Candace reported her assault to the authorities, the police forced Dr. She hired a private detective to get another sample of Schneeberger’s DNA. Schneeberger of molesting her 13-year-old daughter in January 1998, the doctor went in for another DNA test.The detective managed to collect a sample from the doctor’s lip balm, which turned out to be a match to the DNA from the crime scene. This time, however, the police weren’t taking any chances.Prostitutes in the area called him the “Zoo Man” for his habit of taking prostitutes behind the zoo and brutalizing them.Once arrested and interrogated, Huskey confessed to murdering all four women, but that’s when it got really weird.But there was a problem: Because the bodies had been ravaged so completely by animals, the police weren’t able to get any DNA evidence from the victims.Nevertheless, police eventually identified Thomas Dee Huskey as the probable murderer of the women due to his reputation.This man was John Taylor, a poacher who often hunted in the same woods where Leanne’s body had been found.Furthermore, officials were able to identify the unique twine wrapped around Leanne’s corpse as a product used for rabbit netting—specially made by a supplier in Devon.On October 20, 1992, a hunter came across a woman’s decomposing body.She was identified as a local woman named Patty Anderson who had recently been reported missing.


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