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For the third paper, your enthymeme must include a “should” (or at least the idea of one) that demands that something be done in response to your paper.All papers will need a second paragraph that establishes the background of your Pick a Movie.Here is where you’ll present the reasons why your argument is necessary and where you’ll discuss legal precedence, current law, current practice, history, etc.

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Be sure to use the evidence from the sources fairly and reasonably as the support for the claim you are making.

Your claim should look something like one of these: Shrek, the first animated film to win the Oscar for best animated feature film, is an excellent film because it has a great cast, stunning animation, and a simple but powerful story.

Standard Technical requirements for writing a film review are as follows: Purpose: Your paper is going to be a claim-based argument. Find three critical sources such as professional reviews of the film.

(You might wish to use the Movie Review Query Engine at Movie Review Query Engine.) Using testimony from those sources, write an Argument to your classmates explaining why that movie is worth viewing or not.

Body Paragraph 2: This paragraph deals with the second reason you express in your enthymeme.

Body Paragraph 3: This paragraph deals with the third reason you express in your enthymeme.

Be sure to include an Introduction which will draw the reader in (and ends with your claim), a bit of background of the film (but not a total summary), your reasons for seeing the film, and a rebuttal explaining why some viewers might disagree with your statement (but be sure to say why they are wrong).

End with a short, simple conclusion which sums up your argument and restates your claim.


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