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Obesity increases the risk of heart attack and other related diseases.

It’s pm, you just got out of chemistry class, and you’re starving–but you have that argumentative essay on fast food due soon! You check out the menu (in case your meal number has changed) to find the perfect meal.

Such challenges do not exist when a person opts for fast food.

Further, fast food is an excellent option for who do not know how to cook or single people who are not willing to cook for one.

Although the human body definitely requires these ingredients, the amount of such substances in fast food is too high.

Further, the cooking method of most fast meals involves frying which destroys most of important nutrients to human health.

Another statistic but this time from the website Live Strong which is a U. nonprofit organization that provides support for people with cancer states that in, “January 2004 study commissioned by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute followed young adults who ate fast food over a period of 15 years.

The participants who ate fast food over two times each week gained 10 more pounds and had higher insulin resistance than those who ate fast food less than one time per week…

One way to simply avoid these effects is to not eat fast food or to eat it in moderation.

According to the website Partner’s For Your Health which is a site run by the North Ohio Heart Center, “Americans spend more than 0 billion on fast food every year. is enough to stop world hunger for many years” (Kidd).


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