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The article mentions utilizing peer tutors which is great, I would also encourage using students without disabilities as peer mentors is one way to encourage positive interactions between peers with and without special needs and help teach students without disabilities about their peers with disabilities.A mentor can help with more than the academic side of being a student but be a social integration tool and partner in peer advocacy.Being a leader and advocate in the school setting with other professionals is only the first step.

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It is necessary for professionals to reflect on any biases they may have and address these before working with individuals with special needs.

A professional must believe that the student can be successful regardless of disability in order for the student to truly believe in his or her own ability to achieve.

Narratives surrounding the anniversary will be discussed through a deconstructive narrative reading, guided by a poststructural framework from postcolonial- and feminist perspectives, which engage with nationhood and politics of belonging.

The aim of this thesis is to open up imaginaries that speak about Nordic coloniality in relation to the Indigenous Sámi.

It is very discouraging to read in the article that negative attitudes towards individuals with special needs is still the prevailing sentiment in schools and society.

The belief that someone is intrinsically inferior due to a disability is very damaging for individuals with special needs because these biases may become apparent in educational practices and treatment by the larger society, placing the individual at a greater disadvantage.A central conclusion of this thesis is that Nordic narratives of exceptionality work to...(More)This thesis is a critical reflection on the metanarratives that are often employed to describe ‘Nordic exceptionality’.The Master of Professional Education (MPEd) program is designed for professionals who want to advance their careers.Develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. Learn to integrate research into your professional life that helps you solve workplace problems.It has been widely accepted that vowel harmony is a phonetically natural phenomenon, which means that it is a common pattern because it provides advantages to the speaker in articulation and to the listener in perception.Exceptional patterns proved to be a challenge to the phonetically grounded analysis as they, by their nature, introduce phonetically disadvantageous sequences to the surface form, that consist of harmonically different vowels.Such forms are found, for example in the Finnish stem tuoli 'chair' or in the Hungarian suffixed form hi:d-hoz 'to the bridge', both word forms containing a mix of front and back vowels.There has recently been evidence shown that there might be a phonetic level explanation for some exceptional patterns, as the possibility that some vowels participating in irregular stems (like the vowel [i] in the Hungarian stem hi:d 'bridge' above) differ in some small phonetic detail from vowels in regular stems.The main question has not been raised, though: does this phonetic detail matter for speakers?Would they use these minor differences when they have to categorize a new word as regular or irregular?


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