Example Of An Outline For Research Paper

Here you could include the arguments that support your thesis statement and present alternative theories and analyze it, proving that they are misleading.

Second, include all parts’ main ideas (not more than 2 sentences for each part) in the conclusion.

Then, you could state how this question can be analyzed further (maybe from different perspective/using other methods).

At the same time too short draft with one word for each part of a body will also bring value neither for you nor for your readers.

Now, when we know how outline will help you to make a good essay and what you should take into account while creating your structure, we can talk about what is included into a research paper outline and how to do it step by step. In this part you are presenting your topic for your readers and are trying to grab their attention.

Now we will be talking about things that you need to consider in order to make a good draft that will be a great assistant for you.

Research of your topic should come before outline creation.

So it seems that a good outline is half the success, isn’t it?

Outline is not one more requirement from your professor, its aim is to help you to succeed with your research paper.

” That is a fair question and you should know the answer. It is a framework that presents the main goal, ideas, arguments and conclusions of your paper in a structured way.

A good research paper outline will not only let your readers catch your major statements quickly but will also help you.


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