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Love is the overriding theme of the film, which is symbolized by the Heart of the Ocean diamond.

Love is the overriding theme of the film, which is symbolized by the Heart of the Ocean diamond.The blossoming love affair between Jack and Rose is the central narrative of the film, one that leads them to make risky, fateful decisions in order to stay together.The clock represents the fact that Jack and Rose are able to experience a whirlwind romance together in a matter of days, but also that their time together is limited by the ship's tragic fate.

" Captain Smith, the ship's leader, takes his power for granted to the extent that he misses critical warnings and speeds up to attract favorable press.

The desperation of first-class passengers to retain their power, even under dire circumstances, is also on clear display.

In the film, the upper classes are shown to be largely incapable of love: Ruth would prefer that her daughter enter into a loveless marriage with the steel magnate Cal Hockley so that they can preserve their riches.

Rose's interactions with Jack, however, convince her that an authentic, passionate relationship is more valuable than any riches.

one that is conveyed primarily through the symbol of the clock.

Cameron uses the ornate clock engraved in the first-class lobby of the ship as the meeting-place for Jack and Rose, which she dreams about at the end of the film.Cameron instills Rose's memories with the magnificent and opulent detail of a Hollywood production, suggesting that first-hand testimony will always be more powerful than any photographs or news items about the event.Rose's recollections, conveyed through voice-over narration over the course of the film, color the audience's perception of the events.Many passengers die trying to protect loved ones, and to remain calm in the face of certain death.The band playing on during the sinking symbolizes the struggle of the human spirit to remain joyful in times of dire loss.The penniless artist Jack, on the other hand, values experiences over possessions, and encourages Rose to do the same.Cameron also shows how third-class passengers, caged below deck, perished at greater rates than first-class passengers, who bribed and cajoled their way onto lifeboats.When Jack goes to dinner in first class, Molly tells him dryly, "Remember, they love money, so pretend you own a goldmine, and you're in the club." The greediness of the White Star Line is portrayed by their refusal to load the ship with an adequate number of lifeboats, or when a crew member chastises Jack for uprooting a bench so that they can escape third class.The pervasive elevation of money over human life eventually disgusts Rose so severely that she abandons her mother, spits in Cal's face, and returns to Jack's side, even as the ship is sinking." Rose scolds Ismay for fixating so obsessively on the ship's sheer enormity.Jack entertains his own fantasies of power when he climbs the railing on the ship's bow and yells, "I'm the king of the world!


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