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The government plays a role by either allowing or vetoing legislation that requires Wal-Mart to participate in initiatives such as providing health insurance for its workers.The government also plays a part in funding many of the initiatives against Wal-Mart.

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Also, municipal government can approve or not approve zoning changes for Wal-Mart to open new locations.

City council can also not allow Wal-Mart to operate, and the public can speak out at public hearings.

For example, the company needed to make a video in response to a damning video against the company.

Many of the issues are resolved in the courts, as the so-called transgressions of Wal-Mart are brought to light.

The settlements that Wal-Mart has paid aren’t more expensive than what the company would be paying if employee wages were bumped due to unionization of its workers. I like the idea of included pushing carts in everyone’s job.

Essays On Wal Mart

Further, the workers have largely voted against unionizing. Physical activity is a good idea to have in any line of work, as exercise can decrease stress and improve employee physical health. Conducting environmental impact studies shouldn’t affect its bottom line.Its efforts with relief for Hurricane Katrina really helped, but that is not entirely the type of environmental effort to which this question is referring. But if it weren’t the company should have appealed the decision in court.The 8 per cent is a bit much to ask, and I guess that is why it was vetoed.The primary issues facing Wal-Mart relate to the relationship it has with the public.The company is so massive that it has a profound effect on the nation’s economy and the quality of life of those in the area, whether it is businesses or the people.The practices that Wal-Mart had would have likely been relatively undetected until the 1990s, but social media has increased its exposure to the public and has increased the power of lobby groups.Small business were opposed to Wal-Mart, and so too were the unions, NIMBY groups and organizations aligned with the unions.They are either settled in court or with out-of-court settlements.The courts also play a role in determining if Wal-Mart is in neglect of the environment, for example.Wal-Mart has made changes to its practices, particularly since after the case study was written.The company now has to complete economic impact studies, and it has to have a close eye on its environmental footprint.


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