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His family mostly used Skype to stay in contact, but even then the time differences don't match up so when Sergeant Donlan was about to sleep, his wife was just waking up.They also could call each other, which Sergeant Donlan explained has come a long way from what the phone system was like in the earlier days.Students received plaques, books, flags and other prizes with 0 for winning entries, an additional for entries judged most inspirational or heroic, and an additional 0 for grand winners.

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Sergeant Donlan exclaims that letters are a nice gesture and the soldiers always appreciate it: "Helps to know people care." When Sergeant Donlan isn't working, to pass the time he does, "Things you usually do." This include sports and games with friends there, watch movies, and multiple games of "Call of Duty," which surprisingly, he isn't that great at.

The food there isn't all that satisfying, so when people send in cookies and other things, it's a treat for everyone there.

At a full Laida Hall at First Baptist Church, 13 winners in various categories read their essays aloud before an audience that included parents, teachers, and in many cases, the veterans the students interviewed for their project.

The annual contest, supported by area schools and conducted by the Kiwanis Memories of Service and Sacrifice Committee, revolves around a theme chosen by the committee focusing on a different aspect of the veteran experience each year.

As many families know, it is hard to get quality time together as a family with or without being military connected, but the Donlan family only got to see each other two to three times a week.

Sergeant Donlan even says, "Wives probably work harder than we do." He was referring to the military wives or husbands who do a lot to support the family, organize military functions, and keep connected to family.Extra support is extremely helpful to military women or men, especially when they are overseas.Sergeant Donlan works nine months of the year, "twenty-four seven," and there is nothing to remind him of his home or his family except the few times a week they can Skype.He explained that connection was very vital for both sides of the families, because they all needed each other for moral support and a refreshment for each other.Families of deployed soldiers can also send letters and packages, but Sergeant Donlan only gets to reply about once a month.High School winners were Amanda Raybuck and Ginger Birch of Clarksville, Levi Gavagan of Fort Campbell, Kylie Logue of Kenwood and Savannah Cox of Northwest.Jayson Mc Clendon of Clarksville Academy was the High School Grand Winner.Sergeant Donlan tried to attend college for a while, and he soon figured out it wasn't right for him.That's when he made the decision to be a part of the U.This year’s theme was, “What support from the home front meant to the veteran.” Students are allowed to choose any veteran they wish to write about, whether a family member or friend, a teacher or someone outside their circle.The essays are begun early in the school year and judged in time for presentation on or near Veterans Day.


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