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In the year 1770, British soldiers opened and used fire on a mob of colonists and killed five people in commonly the Boston Massacre. In 1778, France joined the war, and this shifted the whole thing from a Civil War into an international conflict. They now knew that they were up against very strong enemies.

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The real story is that the American nation was born as the centerpiece of an international coalition, which together worked to defeat a common adversary.

Many Americans today think of their colonial history as a purely British affair.

They also had a system through which owners of the large plantations in Britain supported the war through contributions.

Another strategy the government used was delayed payment for the soldiers, suppliers and those involved in the war.

When the Continental Congress assigned to him the task of writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson understood he was inviting France and Spain to join America in the fight against Great Britain.

The Americans knew that neither France nor Spain would take sides in a British civil war.The Bilbao merchant Diego de Gardoqui, who had a long relationship with cod brokers in Marblehead and Salem, smuggled shiploads of muskets, shoes, uniforms, blankets, and gunpowder to New England.From New Orleans, Unzaga sent 10,000 pounds of much-needed gunpowder to the colonial troops at Fort Pitt (today’s Pittsburgh) to fend off British threats in the Western Theater.After America had attained its independence, many other countries started to push for independence to.The great revolution war was triggered by the conflict between the Great Britain’s residents living and other thirteen of its colonies.They had no navy, little in the way of artillery, and a ragtag army and militia that were bereft of guns and even of gunpowder.The colonists knew that without the help of France and Spain, they could not hope to prevail against the superior British army and navy.The United States War for Independence was during the period between 17.This was a major eye opener for many other colonies.That conflict had cost France its Canadian territory, and cost Spain Florida (though the French conceded Louisiana to Spain as part of the peace settlement).On the eve of American independence, the two Catholic monarchies were allied by the Bourbon Family Compact—Spanish King Carlos III and French King Louis XVI were cousins—and together they secretly began rebuilding their navies to create a single, united fleet that could defeat the British and recapture lost domains.


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