Essays In History And Philosophy Of Science

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An important general message emerges from Dresow’s discussion: the history–philosophy relation looks inherently problematic only if we are trying to discern an overall relationship at the level of whole disciplines; these worries largely dissipate when we consider how historical sources and facts are used “locally” in pursuit of specific philosophical aims. Bolinska and Martin will receive their prize and present the content of their essay in a special session at the 16th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (CLMPST) in Prague (5–10 August 2019). Dresow will also be invited to present his work in the same session.

This prize is administered by the Joint Commission, whose remit is to make links between the work of the two Divisions of the IUHPST, viz.And the appreciation of relevant historical contingencies is crucial for the identification of a canonical case.Bolinska and Martin offer an illuminating analysis of the concept of contingency, disambiguating it from the notion of chance and showing how it is crucially implicated in the historical-cum-philosophical explanation of past scientific episodes.The (IUHPST) invites submissions for the 2019 IUHPST Essay Prize in History and Philosophy of Science.This prize competition, planned to continue on a biennial basis, seeks to encourage fresh methodological thinking on the history and philosophy of science as an integrated discipline.the DHST (Division of History of Science and Technology) and the DLMPST (Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology).The panel of judges for the 2019 competition consisted of: Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide, Australia; Theodore Arabatzis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece; Hasok Chang (chair), University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Takehiko Hashimoto, University of Tokyo, Japan.” The core of their response is a consideration of “canonicity”: a case study can be philosophically informative if it is canonical with respect to a particular philosophical aim.A historical case is canonical when its philosophically salient features provide a good causal account of the scientific process in question.Dresow goes beyond the delightful diagnosis of the problem that he provides, by articulating how history is used in three distinct modes of practice-based philosophy of science: the functional–analytic approach, the integrative history of the recent, and the phylogenetic approach.All three approaches are characterized in a way that is suggestive and instructive for both historians and philosophers.


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