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It also contributes to what she calls a “love of greed” where a capitalist society’s obsession with material goods drives a wedge between communities and leaves people in a constant desire for more, more, more.

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To that point, although she considers her nuclear family to be dysfunctional, hooks credits her extended family with supporting her through her childhood and demonstrating how love should be manifested within the family.

I think this credit has a tendency to cloud her judgement — at one point, she encouraged her lesbian sister to maintain ties with their hateful and homophobic family simply because their had to be some sane ones in the lot somewhere.

It’s been my experience that people don’t tend to cut off their families unless things have reached nuclear wasteland levels of toxicity, and pushing someone to stay while preaching about self-love and affirming communities is quite hypocritical.

Particularly since hooks devotes an entire essay on how society has equated parents caring for their children with love.

As a child, hooks explained that the attempts made to repress black peoples right to gaze only produces a staggering desire to look, "an oppositional gaze." Michel Foucault states that looking was a sign of rebellion and that there is "necessarily the possibility of resistance." Stuart Hall explains the resistance to white power by locating the white mans power "as wholly external to us." Franz Fanon is also mentioned: "Black skin, white masks," and the significance of the resistance of black colonized people.

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Hooks explains that a "look to document is a look of opposition," it is critical gaze, and that one learns to look a certain way to show resistance.Yet we do not question why we live in states of extreme anxiety and dread.Fear the primary force upholding structures of domination.The Oppositional Gaze: Black Female Spectators In the article, bell hooks takes a historical look at black females as media spectators.Bell hooks is a black feminist who calls attention to the negative aspects of white supremacy and capitalist patriarchy.Bell hooks begins her piece with a definition of the "gaze." "When thinking about black female spectators, I remember being punished as a child for staring, for those hard intense direct looks children would give grownups, looks that were seen as confrontational, as gestures of resistance, challenges to authority." For hooks (and any black person) the gaze was a political entity in life.Not only was the gaze controlled by white authorities but also by black parents.It promotes the desire for separation, the desire not to be known.When we are taught that safety lies always with sameness, then differences, of any kind, will appear as a threat.And there’s the evidence that I took something from hooks’ essays.That her thinking turned my thoughts inside out and made me pause and contemplate.


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