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The mock trial gave them the opportunity to ask questions regarding our legal system and how it functions.They were curious as to why the jury made the decision rather than the judge, and they desperately wanted to know what the function of the bailiff was.

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There were some longer parts, some shorter parts, and then there were the jury members who didn’t have any lines to prepare (more on that later). It led to a deeper understanding of formal language versus informal language.

Suddenly long, complicated words meant something to my students. The concept of code switching, a vital skill for most children to learn, and especially for urban children, naturally arose from this experience.

Having never facilitated a mock trial before (or participated in one when I was growing up), I was extremely nervous about how it would unfold.

Aside from the gavel and wig for the judge, I wasn’t sure the kids would buy into a courtroom experience.

Eventually, Romeo slays Tybalt and he falls to the floor and dies.

Romeo runs away in agony before the Prince soon arrives at the scene of the fight with all the other citizens that were awakened by this fray to see what happened.

The jury members take notes, and at times, ask the judge to have a witness repeat their testimony.

They then are responsible to leave the room and deliberate, debate and ultimately come to a unanimous verdict.

York Catholic High School Second Place team members are Lauren China, Lindsey China, Christopher De Marco, Brian Hand, Gianni Hill, TJ Mc Graw, Steven Nigro, Ian Schlough, Bridget Sterling; and Deborah Hess, Faculty Coach; Jeffrey F.

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