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The author presents the most powerful analysis of the theme of fear that characterizes a society deprived of justice.In fact, one theme that strongly supports the title of the book is the theme of fear in that it occurs so many times.

Alan Paton's work, Cry the Beloved Country has been hailed as one of the best illustrations of social breakdown and racial injustice in the South African Society.

Whereas literatures on the racial division in South Africa are framed around feelings of anger, tensions, bitterness and outrage, Paton has provided a balanced view of the surrounding aspects of the social injustices and promoted healing and understanding within this powerful piece of literature.

The white man is afraid to examine the injustices on the back people and the miners are afraid to go on strike because mining forms the bloodline of the economy.

The whites are also terrified that the miners strike may spread to other industries.

This makes his fellow whites to fail to understand him while natives embrace him.

The reason for this is that he provided the best shoulder the native community could lean on because of the existing social injustices.Msimangu says "It is fear that rules this land" (26).Kumalo, on the other hand, is encompassed by fear on his way to Johannesburg to search for his son.In the conversation between Msimangu and Kumalo, the former says "the white man has broken the tribe but it But it has not suited him to build something in the place of what is broken" (36).Left homeless and struggling to survive on subsistence wages, the black society endures poor living conditions that generate a culture of crime.The two important characters that tell story from the black man's and white man's perspective are Reverend Stephen Kumalo and a white landowner, James Jarvis.From the beginning, the writer concentrates on the white man's domination and racial injustices to the black man through a very sad and lonely distant tone.In the exploration of the life of Msimangu and Kumalo, the author presents two lonely souls who have great burdens to bear.Kumalo is overwhelmed and loses control while Msimangu thrives through the social injustice compounded by loneliness and racial segregation.This essay seeks to discuss social issue of racial inequality in the book and how the author uses characterization, settings, tone, theme and plot to tell the story of racial injustice in South Africa.Summary The blacks are forced to live in the tribal villages where there in scarcity or land and lack of social amenities while whites roam the cities like Johannesburg.


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