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I applied to MIT early action and didn’t apply to any Common App schools in that round, so I wound up using this essay as the basis for my Common App essay during regular decision season.Full disclosure, I didn’t get admitted into any of the schools I applied to with the Common App (Harvard and Stanford, lol), but I was really proud of this essay and I still am. Academically oriented families sometimes move to nearby Lexington for better schooling. Some people don’t even know where New Hampshire is, let alone Nashua.

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I spent many nights lying awake wondering how I could express something meaningful in so few words.

But in the end, it wound up being my favorite essay out of all the ones I wrote for any college application.

The essay that I’m showing y’all was written for MIT’s, “Describe the world you come from” prompt.

This was actually the last essay that I wrote for MIT’s application because the prompt confused me a LOT.

Snapshots from a world much like ours – but it only exists on a computer screen and within my mind.

10/10/16 AM: I can see it when I close my eyes: a city of twisted metal rising up from blackened plains; jagged mountains reaching to pierce a clouded sky; a swamp threatening to swallow up the small farm that sits on its edge.

It certainly doesn’t invoke the awe that nearby schools Lexington High or Philips Andover do. The math team that I proudly captain hasn’t lost the league in eight years.

In fact, academically oriented families sometimes simply just move to Massachusetts because they believe that Nashua isn’t good enough. Last year, our varsity quiz bowl team took the state win for the first time in three decades.

Last year, our varsity quiz bowl team took the state win for the first time in three decades.

We even beat Philips Exeter in history bowl – not once, but twice.


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