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The secondary education, 6-8, stresses personality development and trains the students for higher learning.For 9-10, upper secondary, serves as the stepping stone for the higher secondary level.There is also the presence of a school managed by local people who are enthusiastic of having school on their vicinities.

The commitment for education broadens throughout the country.

More improvement in all aspects of education as well as for the encouragement of a knowledgeable and well-performance nation is what people are hoping and looking forward to.

Nepal’s education scheme is based on the outline of United States.

The country served as a guide in forming Nepal’s education curriculum. Their main objective of teaching is for children to read, write and do arithmetic.

[tags: American Education System, Schools, Religion] - The California State Public Education System “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” -Aristotle- It has been said many times that children are our future.

That is a scary thought considering our lack of investment as a people in that future, for without a solid base of education now the bright future we hope for may never come to fruition.The education given to them is censored and limited, not allowing them to see and know the truths behind everything.By doing this, teenagers are being reared to grow up blind like the current generation of adults.The education within Nepal has just recently been rising and continues to develop.With the help of several international organizations, education system is being assisted.Normally, a person participates in preschool and/or kindergarten until high school and then the choice is his or hers if they would like to continue into college....[tags: Higher education, Education, Barack Obama] - The Ideal Education System Since the beginning of human civilization, the education system has been constantly advancing and intensifying.Before the modern education started in the country, schooling had been restricted and only elite classes are privileged, while the rest of the people stayed mainly illiterate and untaught.Then, when the new era was introduced, education was offered only to sons of the upper classes. At present, regardless of the establishment of an education structure in Nepal way back, government offered a community school in which students receive regular government grants.The people of America are failing to see the country as it truly is.This generation of teenagers are this country’s future and will soon be depended upon to be leaders....


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