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Upon familiarization, managers take up the responsibility of ensuring that employees are conversant with the goals and objectives of the organization.

Communication on the goals of the organization is not possible if the managers are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Continuous self- development Self-development is a term used to refer to the strategies applied by managers to remain relevant in various occupations.

Rees and Porter (2008, pp.274) argue that, continuous self-development is a process of search for answers and feedback, as well as, setting goals that are directed towards coming up with purposes of development of individuals.

Upon detection of managers’ quandaries, managers are able to devise the best measures, in an attempt to find the best solutions to their problems.

Analysts argue that, it is through self-analysis that individuals are able to fit in various settings and interact with fellow workmates.It was not that I thought their universities were better than ours or their quality of education.I just wanted to experience the culture of the......educational functions and is responsible for a wide range of activities from registration to planning and execution.The entire worldwide online community owes its existence to the pioneering and......boundaries.The castration has been considered as a highly valued ritual in the countries where the practice is endemic.I did have some concepts of retirement and saving for a rainy day, but nothing immediate.But then about three years into my job, I really started thinking about going for higher studies in the United States.It accommodates students, faculty, institutions, and even governments. It provides the system for self-development as well as institutions and organizations.It accepts data, analyzes, stores important messages, and also does calculations. PLATO is also responsible for many offspring such as Ten CORE and Lotus Notes that are built on similar ideas generated by PLATO.Self-development is self-directed and requires the individual to be dynamic in order, to grasp concepts that relate to their line of duty.Future manager with self – analysis and continuous self – development According to Meyer (2001, pp.7) self-analysis allows managers establish the roots of their weaknesses whilst in their jobs.


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