Essay Responsibility Of Parents

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The child may create problems such as making a mess, screaming, crying, etc.

These problems used to achieve attention would create bad habits for the child.

Andrew Nguyen Professor Marilyn Brock English 102 7 October, 2013 Equal Responsibility In raising a child, both parents should share equal responsibility.

From the start of humanity, it has always been thought that women should take care of the children while the men were the breadwinners.

Parents bear many responsibilities, among them providing for their child’s basic needs, ensuring the child is educated, and protecting the child from any danger.

In addition, parents are responsible for instilling moral values and social norms.By teaching lessons about right and wrong, the parent prepares the child to embody normative behaviors in a society whose law and order depends upon the individual exercise of good judgment, reason, and insight.When children are young, parents are able to exert a considerable amount of influence in compelling them to conform to the values and norms they have been taught.Sumner’s husband most likely created that bad habit when he was being raised.Just like Sumner’s husband, those children who need to attract attention would have unbreakable habits as well.The child has control and aware of their actions and should know what is right or wrong.In conclusion, we all make mistakes, and many of us, even on accident, commit crimes.And when people committing crimes are caught, they get charged. They generally know why they are doing something wrong, so they should always be held responsible for their actions and not their parents.It is the same with teenagers like when they get caught committing a crime, their parents should never be held responsible unless the parents assisted in the crime.However, things have changed now and both parents have began to take equal responsibilities of their children.Parenting is a two person concept and does not mean one parent can take on more of the responsibility of a child’s development.


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