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If you are asking for the space “as is” or if you need the landlord to make repairs or improvements first.If you are planning to renovate the property, briefly describe the proposed renovations.

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If an agent either misunderstood or attempted in any way to alter the landlord’s directions, having terms in writing can show you a landlord that your counter offer was made in good faith based on information from the leasing agent.In this case, a counteroffer is an offer to buy the home at a lower price than what the seller is asking. In other words, in commercial real estate, it is almost always expected that the renter (or, lessee) will submit a counteroffer, so the landlord inflates the prices and/or terms.Once you have expressed interest in leasing a space, some landlords will simply offer you a form that states the lease’s asking terms.It makes a very big difference in how long you will be locked into a lease and how a landlord might feel about other terms you are asking for in a counter offer.Most landlords prefer two-year or longer leases, but never hesitate to ask for a one-year lease.Another reason to have the terms in writing is that it allows you time to research more about the lease, to ask an attorney about the terms, or even to compare terms to any other leases you are considering. A seller lists the house for the amount of money they would like to get from the sale, but almost always expects to get less.A buyer interested in purchasing a home will submit something in writing to the seller with a counter offer. While some leases may truly be non-negotiable, for the most part, it works just like buying a home: a landlord or listing agent asks for one rent price (or set of terms) but allows some room for negotiation.For a hot property with multiple interested parties, your letter can serve as a sales ploy to get the landlord to pick you and agree with your terms. A listing agent usually has some freedom to make decisions, but most likely will need to confer with the landlord. If you have not heard back on an offer in one to two business days, it is fine to follow up.But try not to appear desperate or overly anxious as this could affect the outcome of your negotiations.One-year leases may cost a little more, or have fewer lease renewal options, but you are locked in for less time.Unless you are a multi-million dollar company, it rarely makes good business sense to sign a lease that commits you to the space for more than two years.


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