Essay Questions All Quiet On The Western Front

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Paul is carrying Kat to safety when he doesn’t even realize that Kat is dead until after an orderly tells him so. ‘He is stone dead’…’He had been hit in the shin’ I [Paul] say.

Paul failed to realize the extent of Kats injuries.

” The “Lost Generation” theme is represented most in the novel and Remarque uses many different literary terms to show them.

The meaning of lost generation is the generation of men and women who were disillusioned with the world.

He does not allow himself to bond with his dying mother, and regrets having come home and opened emotional wounds.

He has further trouble connecting with the rest of his family and other civilians, none of whom he feels understands his plight, and it is clear his alienation also springs from his disconnection with the past.Kat’s death causes Paul to lose some of his sense and soul.Kat was more than a comrade to him he was everything to Paul. Among those are “Destruction of War,” “Shared Humanity” and “Lost Generation.Remarque writes in the epigraph that his book will describe the men who were "destroyed by the war," and after that All Quiet on the Western Front is a nearly ceaseless exploration of the destructive properties of The Great War.Included are two detailed chapters about fighting at the front and in the trenches (Chapters Four and Six).” (Remarque 139) This quote is a great example of the actual lost generation.It shows how they know that there are men out there on the battlefield wounded and dying. Another great example of this theme is the realization of death.The only thing reducing the soldiers' alienation is their intimate bond with each other (see Unity among soldiers).Nationalism is the unswerving dedication to one's homeland, and it swept Europe in the years leading up to WWI.Another example of Lost Generation is its most known and literal meaning, a generation of lost soldiers. He lost all hope of ever recovering and he became depressed to some extent. “To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier.A great example of this is when Paul has just witnessed his fellow comrade Franz Kemmerich die. ” (Remarque 55) The men have lost all sense of comfort unless they are on the ground.


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