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In February 1946, Malcolm was sent to prison for 10 years for burglary and being called Satan in that period because of his antireligious attitude.After meeting "Bimbi" in 1947 in Charlestown prison, Satan started educating himself and changed his outlook around.As an activist wanting to improve the lives of Americans in the fifties and sixties, Malcolm realised he had to take initiative and change things in order to achieve his goals of achieving equality among the races....

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[tags: sociology, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell, ] - When the three men rushed onto the stage, they honed in on their target, and mercilessly shot the man 15 times.

Elated with their success, little did they know that in their futile attempt to silence the man’s message, their bullets had only amplified his call for civil liberties of the African Americans.

Malcolm X, an individual gifted with a divine hand in education, had concluded that ignorance and greed, are fundamentally responsible for race prejudice in America.

His statement, radical for its time, was a derivative of his turbulent life and inversely a fine example that collars this concept: struggle and criticism are the pre-requisites to greatness in this world....

His father was a devoted follower of Marcus Garvey, who was the Black Nationalist leader.

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother, Louise Norton Little, was a homemaker while his father, Earl Little, was a Baptist minister.

He also explains what he learned and how it helped him later on in life while working with Elijah Muhammad who was the leader of the Nation of Islam....

[tags: Malcolm X, Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad] - What are its necessary components and how are they connected to each other.

[tags: literary analysis, Malcolm Gladwell] - Reading the activity in which we are taught to do at the tender age of five.

Some find it dreadful and a waste of time, while others enjoy being transported into a fantasy world in which they escape the troubles of reality.


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