Essay Paragraph Structure Acronym

Students, writers, and researchers can present consistent and effectual paragraphs by adhering to these simple guidelines.

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Evidence - Provide evidence to support your main idea statement from primary or secondary sources.

The relevancy of the evidence will be determined by the type of support needed to aide or 'backup' your statement.

You want to tie the topic together, so make sure you make it interesting.

, often times the most difficult obstacle to overcome is that of forming well-structured, coherent, and supportive paragraphs.

He received his Ph D in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.

There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.These useful writing acronyms are from our jumbo guide to 100 usefulful acronyms. BIC A big tip for writers - you have to sit down to write something - put in the hours. For instance, if your topic sentence was "Bipolar disorder is a pervasive and steadily increasing disease prevalent among young Americans under the age of 30", a statistic identifying the amount of young Americans affected by the disorder would be an appropriate example of evidential support.Analysis - Examine the statements you presented and elaborate on their meanings. Point, Illustrations, Explanation STOPS Helps you remember which aspects of your writing they should check when editing: Sentence structure, Tenses, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling SCOPE A proofreading strategy: Spelling, Capitalization, Order of words, Punctuation, Express complete thoughts Note: This compilation is from The Success Manual, 600 pages of compiled wisdom on 125 important traits, skills and activities. P-I-E A writing strategy to remember the key parts of a paragraph.For a paragraph your main point will be limited to that which you can sufficiently cover in the text of your paragraph.This differs from the thesis statement or objective statement for your entire essay, as it should only refer to one paragraph.Note that each paragraph's 'analysis' component may not contain all of the elements discussed and can be limited to one or two sentences.For example, as in the previous statement regarding Bipolar disorder, if you were to analyze it along with a statistic you may then note, "The young Americans that suffer from this disorder come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities.


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