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Everyone who wants to be happy should try to get together and to love one another. Usianguke Aabis whatever you wrote, your thought, your opinion, It's touching. I don't want to talk about whether it's possible or not to have a boundaryless world. Basically the rich don't want the poor in their backyard. In your second paragraph, you meant - a line drawn on a piece of paper. Usually, I don' t understand the logic of fighting with one another because of some lines which had drowned on a peace of paper. And with children, I want to break the glass of a window by hitting a cricket ball. I know most of people will not agree to my thoughts, And it needs to be. "Whatever we get from the nature is a gift for all us. We, the people of the whole world, want peace to our life but choose wars. We choose dead bodies of soldiers, orphans and widows in wars, We choose the boundaries instead of horizon. But the desire you have, the pure wish that you expressed through your writing I think it's amazing.

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Plants, particularly grasses and shrubbery, Stabilization of the top soil and prevention of soil erosion by holding the soil together is done by grass and shrubbery, which are plants.

In the absence of plants, nutrient-rich topsoil would be no more, making it enormously difficult to grow food and sustain life.

Drag a new line until the bottom of the sea from the top of the mountains. We have to make a world for everyone and everyone is for the whole world.

And bind the people around the world with such thread of love that no one break it.

Few ridges drown on mother earth, which divide hearts, create hatred among the people, relationship violet and sometimes raise conflicts too.

"A worthless peace of paper." I want to meet the people of the whole world. I want to swim like a fish, fly like a bird and to blow like a fresh air. Tears in exchange of happiness and hate rather than love.

Household energy in the form of charcoal and wood are provided by the plants.

Hundreds and thousands of people would perish without the availability of this fuel source.

The unique ability of plants is that they produce their own food using energy from the sun.

People should appreciate the value of plants because they are an invaluable part of the Earths ecosystem.


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