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This paper tries to bring out the personal views of the author in terms of his experience of working with an international group.Being an Indian and coming down to UK to study, it is a different experience in itself.

And surprisingly, not only people behave and act in different manners across the geography, they also think very differently.

This paper tries to look at the benefits of such diverse thinking.

But I really had to tell them that though we have quite a good number of the population who was good at these things back home, but I was a terrible lot at mathematics.

This was when we all realized how we had pre-conceived notions about people based upon their cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Now let us look how things are today with the advent of organizations which consists of diverse teams. But after I landed in UK my perception changed a lot. Though I mingled with my community and country folks in the beginning, it was only after I came into college and started working and meeting other students I realized that it was not bad actually.

But before that let me share some of my experiences One thing I was really looking to when I decided to come to UK was to meet and interact with various people. I was not the only guy who had left his country and had come down here. All my perceptions and fears were a complete false.

With the advent of globalization and vanishing of boundaries between the countries, it is very common to see people from various geographies, cultures coming down and working or studying.

It is a common scenario even at a work place or a college where we can spot people from various countries interacting with each other, doing businesses, studying or being part of each other’s life in a big way.

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