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Brooke “Blake’s The Songs of Innocence appeared in 1789, the year of its outburst.The Songs of Experience was engraved in 1794, when the Terror was dying.

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As the speaker wanders through the streets, he takes note of the frailty and grief that he sees in the faces of the people that he meets.

The purpose of William Blake's London is to reveal the oppression of the lower class citizens of London, by the aristocracy during the late 18th century.

Among them, there are six representative studies that have been addressed to the true-to-life description of the city London in this poem according to the studies of Martin Price, Harold Bloom, Sayers Janet and Monin Nanette, Pramod K.

Naya, Zengin Mevlüde as well as Almasalmeh Bassel respectively.

Rhythm In William Blake's Poem "London"Rhythm, in a most basic sense, is a pattern of recurring sounds in the different syllables of words.

Rhythm acts as a kind of "invisible framework" to poetry as it can only be heard and cannot be seen.The blood on the palace walls is a metaphorical representation of the oppression of the lower class, as it signifies the blood shed of the soldiers in the name of the wealthy.This therefore portrays the subjugation of the lower class of London, thus conveying the poem's purpose to the ...To make it clear, it is necessary to give a general review of both international studies and Chinese studies of this poem in the following two folds as what to be done below in the order that has been put here.Firstly, in accordance with the investigative findings of the literature review in this respect, most international scholars have paid much more of their attentions to the biographical and empirical explorations of William Blake as much as his other poetic texts while fewer of them have made a mention of this poem London in their studies.This powerful metaphor insinuates that if the mind cannot be free then what else can?Which ultimately portrays the manifestation of oppression in all areas of London's lower class citizens.George Puttenham describes the effect of rhythm as "(Something) to inveigle and appasionate the mind" (Mason and Nims 201), which succeeds in demonstrating the essence of rhythms role in poetry.William Blake's poem entitled, "London" uses rhythm to reinforce the ideas conveyed in the poem by employing diction that mimics the confined and restricted feeling conveyed by the bleakness in the streets of London."Runs in blood down palace walls" is another metaphor from the poem which conveys the oppression of the lower class by the aristocracy to the reader.This metaphor is made in reference to the war with France, which alludes to the fact that the soldiers, primarily made up of lower class males, were forced to give their lives for the state or the royal family.


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