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All that remains is the foundations of the wall that separated the Lee property from that of their neighbours, the Faulks – cousins of Truman Capote.As a boy, Capote spent the summer months in Monroeville and was the inspiration for the character of Dill. The cabbages trembled in Miss Rachel’s garden, the back fence groaned and Dill was with them.” –, Chp 5 A midnight launch party at the town’s independent bookstore Ol’ Curiosities & Book Shoppe was attended by around 300 people, and Atticus, in the form of Gregory Peck impersonator Eric Richardson.

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That is to say, Snyder's fetishizes Laurie's initial sexuality, recapitulating that erotic power into a far more regressive and objectified passivity.

Sketching out the criticism testifies to the disinterest with which scholars view Laurie.

How is the atom bombing of Hiroshima refracted through its pages?

Does ’s murder mystery measure up to the standards of Raymond Chandler?

“No trains went there – Maycomb Junction, a courtesy title, was located in Abbot County, twenty miles away.

Bus service was erratic and seemed to go nowhere, but the Federal Government had forced a highway or two through the swamps, thus giving the citizens an opportunity for free egress.” – , Chp 1 “But for the south porch, the Maycomb County courthouse was early Victorian, presenting an inoffensive vista when seen from the north.

These characters strike something in us, and speak to who we are and want to be.

So what happens when we find out one of our most widely adored heroes is not who we think he is? How does our response measure our own willingness to grow?

I set out to explore these questions in my independent research on Harper Lee’s repositioned lawyer-hero Atticus Finch as a neurotic white supremacist.

Atticus’s obstruction of federal integration efforts skews far from the famous image of Gregory Peck (who played Finch in the 1962 film), fatherly and noble, defending a disabled black man from allegations of raping a white woman.


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