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It is an image of a French city of Arles at night (Van Gogh). I chose to write my paper on Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night.I have always been drawn to this piece because of its calming affect that it has.

Van Gogh is most famous for his landscape painting, "Starry Night" but to fully understand his works, you must know Van Gogh 's past, as his upbringing and life greatly influenced his art.

On March 30, 1853 a woman named Cornelia Carbentus gave birth to a baby boy in Groot-Zundert, Holland....

It is the depiction of not only the village at night, but also the shining sky full of sparkling stars that looks so energetic and lively in comparison with calm and lifeless village.

It is seemed that stars, the sky and the cypress symbolize the transition from life to death, and the death is like a trip to the star.

As a result, the painting raises unusual associations and powerful emotions for viewers.

In the foreground of The Starry Night, van Gogh created a village and hills almost in the same colours as the sky that is so violent, spiralling and revolving.

[tags: Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night] - The Starry Night painted by Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most recognizable pieces of art ever painted.

If you were to go around asking random people to identify a famous painter, you may hear the name of the Dutch artist more often than most others.

The whole painting is characterised by the utilisation of such whirling brushstrokes, and this is the third unique feature of The Starry...

- There are many amazing artists that have made a huge impact on the art world through the art that they have created.


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