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Erikson believed this was the most important period in a person’s life.Erik Erikson’s theory was there are eight stages of human development, which last an entire life-span.

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Over the years, the competition has provided a great learning opportunity to the participants as well as the ICRC, by encouraging the people of Pakistan to take part in the problem-solving process regarding issues that affect them and their communities.

On the reverse, when a child does not receive positive care giving then mistrust is developed.

To develop successfully with trust, and a child will graduate to the second stage around the ages of one to three years old, they move successfully to autonomy versus shame and doubt.

The lack of reinforcement to the positive characteristics of Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development effects can be terrible, especially if the only characteristics fulfilled are by the negative aspects.

In example, if a child was hungry or scared because it didn’t see it’s parent, instinctively it would begin to cry for attention.

This stage takes place during the first twelve to eighteen months of a child’s life.

Many of our temperament traits are evident at birth.

The central issue that infant’s resolve in this stage is “Can I trust others? Trust is developed when the caregiver is nurturing which gives the child a feel of comfort.

When a child receives positive care, the child will then trust his or her caregiver, providing beneficial development.


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