Essay On The True Art Of Playing Keyboard Instruments

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Outside the church, he joined in Hamburg’s active musical and intellectual life, befriending the writer Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, the poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, and many others. Bach continued to compose until 1788, dying on December 14 of that year.

He also gave a series of subscription concerts in which he himself performed, although he seems to have given up playing in public after 1779. His wife, Johanna Maria, filled his position until the next music director was chosen in late 1789.

He also wrote three-movement symphonies and more than fifty keyboard concertos.

One of Bach’s most valued contributions to the musical world was his .

The first part was published in 1753 and dealt with fingering, ornaments, and performance. Around 1750, Bach apparently began to grow unhappy with his Berlin position, as he made two attempts to take over his father’s former position in Leipzig. 1755 was also the year that Bach engaged in a war of words with the second harpsichordist at Frederick’s Berlin court, Christoph Nichelmann, who found Bach’s playing style fussy.

The second part, published in 1762, mostly discussed accompanying. Despite the support of his godfather Telemann, his applications were rejected both in 1750 (the year that the position was left vacant due the death of J. By bringing the matter to Frederick II, however, Bach got the last word.

Instead, he moved to a different university, that of Frankfurt an der Oder, in 1734. Bach probably counted himself lucky to be at the Berlin court, for Frederick II loved music and enjoyed playing the flute.

His first attempt at getting a position (as an organist in Naumberg), in 1733, was a failure.

Also as a result of the war, Bach joined the militia (although he never actually fought in a battle).

Bach made another attempt to transfer out of Berlin in 1767.


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