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The request was granted, and the famine ends sometime after.Today, the Hosidius House remains the largest House in Great Kourend.Most of Kourend's history before the uniting of the five Houses remains largely unknown, as most of Kourend's early history was lost during Xeric's reign during the 38th to 47th decades (1,030 years ago) Sometime during 6th BA (1,470 years ago), the Tower of Magic was constructed under the rule of King Rada III.

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The date convention in Great Kourend, according to Arceuus horologist Imerominia, is to state the number of days and decades since the signing of the Royal Accord of Twill.

For example, 3,325 - 37 is the 3,325th day of the 37th decade.

In the future, these crypts would host the tombs of the kings and queens of Great Kourend.

It was not until 10th BA (1,510 years ago) that the five Houses were united into the Kingdom of Great Kourend by King Rada I.

After the rule of Lord Arceuus I, the cycle would repeat and the Hosidius House would have their lord rule Great Kourend.

During the 2nd decade (1,400 years ago), the Winter Beast (now known today as the Wintertodt), an entity of unknown origin, ravaged the lands north of Kourend, causing them to experience perpetual winter, with livestock and crops freezing.

The Council used the chambers in the Tower of Magic as their meeting place, and governed Great Kourend for fifty years from 5th BA to 1st BA (1,460 years ago).

Sometime during the rule of the Council of Elders, a famine struck the kingdom.

Out of the five Houses, only the Shayzien House's founder is known: Camorra Shayzien, a heroine who fought alongside Robert the Strong, Tristan Corvo and Aivas during the Dragonkin Conflicts.

During this time, the Shayzien Crypts were built, burying Camorra there.


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