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These will most likely be used in a science environment and would aid in better understanding of anatomies.For example, a classroom from the Clear View Charter School used these microscopes to help learn about the anatomy of a bee.

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As I have grown as a person and a student, I have noticed the obvious impacts and changes technology is taking on in education.

These changes and impacts are both positive and negative to the children, young adults, and adults who are pursuing technological opportunities.

This will be in place of posters and will help get students ready, early on, for more technology that can be a little challenging.

Power Point could also help more with the creative process and be used for small (2 or 3 students) group work.

Instead of looking in books, I see students using computers and looking online for their resources.

There are more and more periodicals, educational websites and articles online than there have been before; and this amount will be increasing over the years. Access to professional learning resources will encourage teachers’ confidence through the use of available technology and help with any possible technophobia.Technology has changed and will change many ideas of education the potential of educational systems captivates the lives of many students and teachers.The effects of technology in the classroom are related to both the teacher and the students. With technology involved in education, the students are more active in their learning. They play the role of a facilitator or guide of information and not so much of an information source.It is obvious that technology is effecting all aspects of today’s education.Technology in the Classroom Classrooms of the future will be different than they are today; as they will include more and newer forms of technology.These technological advances will be readily available for use by both students and teachers.I see my classroom making use of the many forms of technology that are available, including: Power Point presentations, electron microscopes, video conferencing, web-sites, and smart boards.These instruments are much more powerful than the microscopes we are used to today, making them more beneficial when wanting to see something up close and really examine its anatomy.Students will also play a major part in conducting research on a topic.Because of their willingness to work with technology as opposed to a normal classroom setting of boring lecture, helps motivate students to learn. Instead of having the social norm of "lecture, notes" type of classes, students get to be active in learning with such a broad area of stud...Technology in the Classroom Almost every single occupation in today’s working world is impacted by technology in one form or another.


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