Essay On Relationship Between Man And Nature

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Driving in cars, building factories and throwing garbage everywhere have slowly but steadily contributed to the rise of the average global temperature...White states that Christians believe that God gave them dominance over nature and that it was given to serve man. flower and this thinking of man is the opposite from the truth of the relationship between nature and himself, Nature is the opposite of soul".both of them tries to understand the relationship between man and nature because they thinks that nature as a useful thing that exist on the earth.It is true that nature isn't always kind with us, but it is unintentional, because nature does not think, nature is just taking its natural course.Humans have also treated nature unpleasantly from time to time, with the difference being that humans have sometimes done this intentionally.He states that the relationship between humans and nature used to be one of settlers living with or against nature, but has over time come to humans living on or from the land.Steinbeck writes his feelings of humans being very irresponsible in their use of land back in a time when they thought there was an abundance of resources.Such satisfaction is a product of a particular harmony between man’s inner processes and the outer world.The way we react to nature depends upon our state of mind in approaching it.Unfortunately, our acts of polluting nature have caused great harm that could hurt us all one day.Global warming is increasing at an alarming rate each year due to pollution and similar factors.


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