Essay On Proverb 'Honesty Is The Best Policy'

This old expression comes from the days of blacksmiths (people who work with metal). Or as it’s more commonly said, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” This is a well known experience—a lot people all trying to work in a kitchen around a small table or stovetop will make a mess and ruin the food.

To shape the metal, the blacksmith would have to beat it with a hammer. This proverb means you should take advantage of the moment. This proverb talks about the trouble of too many people trying to do the same thing at once.

That is what this proverb means—if you have the will to meet the problems that are in front of you, there is a way to overcome them. You should wait a few moments and make sure it’s a good idea to jump from that cliff.

So when making a big “jump” in life, make sure you’ve looked at the situation and really understand it before you take a big action.

More importantly, the job will be completed much more quickly.

When you are a visitor somewhere away from home, you should act like everyone else.So instead of thinking about what everyone else has, this proverb wants you to be thankful for what have. This proverb teaches you not to make judgments about other people because of how they look or dress.A book with a boring or plain cover could be amazing. A person might look like an athlete or fool, but there is probably a lot more to them than clothes suggest.Messing up your laundry or being late for work is not very important when you consider your entire life.So it’s important to stay calm and not get angry about tiny problems.Cultures were very different between cities in those times. Lying a lot can be difficult, because you might forget your lies. But if you are honest and tell the truth, people will believe you and respect you. It would be amazing if the first time you picked up a guitar you could play it like a rock star.But while in Rome, one would behave like a Roman, no matter where you came from. Or if the first time you got in a car, you could drive like a professional.To hear even more English proverbs—without ever worrying about misunderstanding what they mean—Fluent U is an incredible tool.Fluent U provides authentic English videos, like movie trailers, TV clips, inspiring speeches and more, and transforms them into personalized language lessons.People sometimes get very upset over small problems.This proverb reminds you to take a moment and see how important (or not important) the issue is.


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